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Ongoing Engagement Continues

Ongoing engagement conducted with Indigenous
communities, regulators, and other stakeholder

Ongoing Field Studies Continue

Ongoing field studies on alternative corridors 

Initial Project Description

Initial Project Description will be submitted to the
federal Impact Assessment Agency of Canada

Proposed TOR Submitted

The Proposed Terms of Reference was submitted to
the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation
Parks (MECP
) on April 29, 2021

Open House #2

Open House #2 was held virtually on February 23
and 24, 2022


Engagement conducted with Indigenous communities,
regulators, and other stakeholders

Field Studies

Field studies were conducted on alternative

Draft TOR

The Draft Terms of Reference was circulated for review by
Indigenous communities, regulators, and other stakeholders
on November 24, 2021 

Open House #1

Open House #1 was held in Thunder Bay on September
14 and 15, 2021

Notice Of Commencement

Notice of Commencement of the Terms of Reference was
published on May 4, 2021