Project Purpose

What is this?

The proposed Northern Road Link is a multi-use road.

The purpose of the Project is the design, construction, and operation and maintenance of a proposed all-season road between the proposed MFCAR and the proposed WSR.

The Project will connect the mineral deposits in the McFaulds Lake area in the Ring of Fire to the highway network via the MFCAR, by constructing a new all-season multi-use gravel road with an approximate length of 117 km to 164 km (depending on the chosen corridor). The Project will also provide an opportunity to connect WFN to the highway network. The Project would enable a broader range of economic activity than currently exists by facilitating the transport of goods, services and resources. To accommodate changes and/or new circumstances arising during the environmental planning and design process, the purpose statement will be reviewed and modified as necessary throughout the Environmental Assessment/Impact Assessment (EA/IA).

The objectives of the Project include:

› Stimulate sustainable regional economic activity by facilitating all-season road movement of materials, supplies, and people to and from the mineral deposit area during Ring of Fire exploration and mine development.

› Provide employment and other economic opportunities to MFFN, WFN and local Indigenous community members, while residing in or near their communities, preserving their language and culture.

› Enable experience and training opportunities for youth to encourage pursuit of additional skills through post-secondary education.

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